Introducing Broker & Affiliate Program Management Platform For The Online Trading Industry

ETRASS is designed specifically for the online trading industry to enable you to launch and manage your own inhouse introducing broker and affiliate program with the latest software platform, integrated content delivery network and on demand support services. Easy broker and affiliate account management with fully customisable Pip Symbols, Lot Rebate, RevShare, CPA and Hybrid commission models as standard. A fully flexible and scalable solution to suit the needs of any size online trading business.

Build and manage your introducing broker and affiliate program with virtually every aspect being fully turnkey from account signup, account authorisation, dedicated manager assignment and automated introduction, unlimited named campaign management, extended sub-campaign tracking, state of the art reporting, automated invoice management and many more powerful tools and features that work hard for you to efficiently manage your introducing broker and affiliate marketing program side by side.

Multiple Platform Configuration Options

A single affiliate and introducing broker program with one or multiple customer brands, multiple affiliate programs with multiple brands or a fully featured network with brand access options for your affiliate and introducing broker partners, ETRASS can be configured to your desired structure.

Software License Options

Cutting edge technology software combined with scalability and reliability, integrated content delivery network, automated invoicing system, data management and professional on demand support services. Clients get the latest fully featured platform release, available for monthly and lifetime license options.

Fully Responsive Multi Language & Multi Currency Platform

As standard all platforms are delivered fully responsive for PC, Tablet and Smartphone devices with multi currency and multi language solutions including more than 20 languages. Any language can be easily integrated on request. The platform is configured to your chosen default currency with Admin, Affiliate and Introducing Broker Users also having the ability to operate their back office account in any available currency that you enable.

Platform Features

As standard all platforms are delivered fully responsive for PC, Tablet and Smartphone devices with multi currency and multi language solutions including more than 20 languages. You can add any additional language translation directly from your back office control pannel. The platform can be configured to your specific requirements and to your chosen default currency with Admin and Affiliate users also having the ability to operate their back office account in any available currency that you enable.

  • Easy Integration Through Multiple API Options
  • A Fully Responsive Platform for PC, Tablet and Smartphone
  • Custom Logo Branding Colour Scheme
  • Logical User-Friendly User Interface
  • Role Based Access for Admin, Managers & Support Users
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Affiliate & Introducing Broker Accounts
  • KYC Documentation Repository
  • Affiliate & Introducing Broker Statistics API
  • Platform Registration and Password API
  • Fully Scalable Technology & Infrastructure
  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Platform
  • Account Management Control Panel
  • Geo-Fencing Management Solutions
  • Automated Manager Account Assignment
  • Account Grouping
  • Deep Dive Database Search Tools
  • Email Communication Delivery
  • Auto Triggered Email Templates
  • Real Time System Settings
  • Multiple Commission Model Options
  • Default, Group & Independent Commission Settings
  • Pip Symbol, Lot Rebate, CPA, RevShare and Hybrid Commissions
  • Fraud Protection
  • Hosted On Your Servers
  • Unlimited Partner / Affiliate Brands
  • Unlimited Customer Brands
  • Advanced DDOS Protection
  • Automatic Promotion Runner
  • Unlimited Products Categories
  • Real Time Content Delivery Ad Management
  • Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN Usage)
  • Multiple Extended Tracking Functionality
  • Detailed User Reports & Action History
  • Powerful Deep Dive Reporting Filters
  • Detailed Trader & Introducing Broker Reports
  • Geographic Territory & Regional Reports
  • Statistics Report Export
  • Multiple Payment Options & Custom Settings
  • Integrated Online Accounting Invoice Solution
  • Integrated Payment Processing Management
  • Detailed Payment & Account Balance History
  • Integrated News Content Publishing
  • Support Manager Contact Details & Messaging
  • Integrated Frequently Asked Questions Section
  • Full Platform Training
  • 24/7 Online Knowledge Base Access
  • Live Chat, Support Ticket, Email and Telephone Support

Easy Integration With Your Back Office Systems

Connect your affiliate program with your back office using a RAPI for the most reliable and robust form of integration. We make it easy to realize a remote programming application interface built to our specifications. Our systems support a variety of different RAPI types including XML/RPC, SOAP and WSDL as well a choice of Array or CSV data return and multiple transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and HTTP.

Professional Support

The ETRASS platform can be deployed to your own servers to ensure that your solution is fully hosted and managed in-house. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals install and set up your platform ready for your affiliate program launch. Easy integration through multiple API options your own branded affiliate program management platform can be up and running and ready to launch within a few weeks. Full product specialist training, on-going professional support and 247 knowledgebase access to guide you through every step.

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